Open to the Divine
Scott's Spiritual Direction and Retreat Leadership practice
Scott's Blog at Elephant Journal
"Yoga, Politics, Sustainability, Spirituality"
The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature & Music (PSALM
The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature & Music (PSALM) is a non-profit membership organization devoted to fostering the artistic expression of sacred beauty in all its forms as a means to reveal and celebrate the underlying unity of humanity.
Balkan Music and Beyond! (Scott's other band)
Concerts at Sixth Street
The concert series at Andi's home in Media, PA.
Virtua Lux Digital Studio
One stop shopping for recording studio, CD mastering, web site design, advertising and graphic design, concert planning and production... you name it.
The Center for Progressive Christianity
An approach to Christianity inclusive, innovative, informed--and they sell Mandala's CDs, too!
Silvertone Studios
Where the music of Mandala is recorded!
Little Teaboys Everywhere
Scott's blog about spirituality, midlife crisis, depression, children, meaning, blessings and joy, not necessarily in that order.